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multi intrumentalist,,composer,,new york native,,traveler,,has played and recorded with with a lists list of who and where,,Mario Bauza,,Tito Puente,,Bebo Valdez,,Carla Bley,,Jaki Byard,Chico Ofarrill,James Newton,Dizzy Gillespie,,Adam Roudolph,Bennie Maupin,Phil Ranelin,Dave Binny,Adam Rogers,Dennis Mackrel,Yusef Latif,Jerry Gonzales,Andy Gonzales,Papo Vasquez,Patato Valdez,Jazz at lincoln centers Afro Latin Orchestra,,Patato Valdez,,Oscar Hernandez,,David Murray,Count Basie Orch,Anthony Braxton,,John Linberg,,Rashid Ali,Bobby Matos,Kenny Burrell,,absorbing a broad range of musical styles and methods, his new trio reflexs that,,Journey,,join us!!

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